Getting Started

WebSocket++ code is available on github at
The official project homepage lives at

The git repository is organized into several directories:

  • examples: Example programs that demonstrate how to build basic versions of some commonly used patterns for WebSocket clients and servers.
  • test: Unit tests that confirm that the code you have works properly and help detect platform specific issues.
  • websocketpp: All of the library code and default configuration files.

The official build system for the examples and unit tests is Scons. If you are not building the examples or unit tests Scons is not needed.

WebSocket++ is a header only library. You can start using it by including the websocketpp source directory in your project's include path and including the appropriate WebSocket++ headers in your program. You may also need to include and/or link to appropriate Boost/system libraries. More information: Building a program with WebSocket++, Walkthroughs of the example programs

Questions, bugs, and issues should be posted to the project GitHub issues queue. If you are using the 0.3.x branch please tag any issues with the 0.3.x label.

WebSocket++ is written and maintained by Peter Thorson. You can contact me via GitHub messaging or via email at

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