WebSocket++ Change Log



WebSocket++/0.3.0-alpha4 - 2013-10-11

  • HTTP requests ending normally are no longer logged as errors. Thank you Banaan
    for reporting. #295
  • Eliminates spurious expired timers in certain error conditions. Thank you
    Banaan for reporting. #295
  • Consolidates all bundled library licenses into the COPYING file. #294
  • Updates bundled sha1 library to one with a cleaner interface and more
    straight-forward license. Thank you lotodore for reporting and Evgeni Golov
    for reviewing. #294
  • Re-introduces strands to asio transport, allowing `io_service` thread pools to
    be used (with some limitations).
  • Removes endpoint code that kept track of a connection list that was never used
    anywhere. Removes a lock and reduces connection creation/deletion complexity
    from O(log n) to O(1) in the number of connections.
  • A number of internal changes to transport APIs
  • Deprecates iostream transport `readsome` in favor of `read_some` which is more
    consistent with the naming of the rest of the library.
  • Adds preliminary signaling to iostream transport of eof and fatal transport
  • Updates transport code to use shared pointers rather than raw pointers to
    prevent asio from retaining pointers to connection methods after the
    connection goes out of scope. #293Thank you otaras for reporting.
  • Fixes an issue where custom headers couldn't be set for client connections
    Thank you Jerry Win and Wolfram Schroers for reporting.
  • Fixes a compile error on visual studio when using interrupts. Thank you Javier
    Rey Neira for reporting this.
  • Adds new 1012 and 1013 close codes per IANA registry
  • Add `set_remote_endpoint` method to iostream transport.
  • Add `set_secure` method to iostream transport.
  • Fix typo in .gitattributes file. Thank you jstarasov for reporting this. #280
  • Add missing locale include. Thank you Toninoso for reporting this. #281
  • Refactors `asio_transport` endpoint and adds full documentation and exception
    free varients of all methods.
  • Removes `asio_transport` endpoint method cancel(). Use `stop_listen()` instead
  • Wrap internal `io_service` `run_one()` method
  • Suppress error when trying to shut down a connection that was already closed

WebSocket++/0.3.0-alpha3 - 2013-07-16

  • Minor refactor to bundled sha1 library
  • HTTP header comparisons are now case insensitive. #220, #275
  • Refactors URI to be exception free and not use regular expressions. This
    eliminates the dependency on boost or C++11 regex libraries allowing native
    C++11 usage on GCC 4.4 and higher and significantly reduces staticly built
    binary sizes.
  • Updates handling of Server and User-Agent headers to better handle custom
    settings and allow suppression of these headers for security purposes.
  • Fix issue where pong timeout handler always fired. Thank you Steven Klassen
    for reporting this bug.
  • Add ping and pong endpoint wrapper methods
  • Add `get_request()` pass through method to connection to allow calling methods
    specific to the HTTP policy in use.
  • Fix issue compile error with `WEBSOCKETPP_STRICT_MASKING` enabled and another
    issue where `WEBSOCKETPP_STRICT_MASKING` was not applied to incoming messages.
    Thank you Petter Norby for reporting and testing these bugs. #264
  • Add additional macro guards for use with boost_config. Thank you breyed
    for testing and code. #261

WebSocket++/0.3.0-alpha2 - 2013-06-09

  • Fix a regression that caused servers being sent two close frames in a row to end a connection uncleanly. #259
  • Fix a regression that caused spurious frames following a legitimate close frames to erroneously trigger handlers. #258
  • Change default HTTP response error code when no http_handler is defined from 500/Internal Server Error to 426/Upgrade Required
  • Remove timezone from logger timestamp to work around issues with the Windows implimentation of strftime. Thank you breyed for testing and code. #257
  • Switch integer literals to char literals to improve VCPP compatibility. Thank you breyed for testing and code. #257
  • Add MSVCPP warning suppression for the bundled SHA1 library. Thank you breyed for testing and code. #257

WebSocket++/0.3.0-alpha1 - 2013-06-09

  • Initial Release


WebSocket++/0.2.3-dev (2013-06-08)

  • Removes use of 64 bit pointers that don't work properly on some 32 bit systems. Thank you jonberling. #223
  • Fixes missing boost header. Thank you thinkski. #208
  • Additional fixes related to multithreaded endpoint listen. Thank you matthewaveryusa, zarnce, and lucasvickers. #168 #172

WebSocket++/0.2.2dev (2012-12-19)

  • Fixes infinite accept loop when closing a multithreaded endpoint. Thank you matthewaveryusa. #168
  • Releases from this point on are tagged in git

WebSocket++/0.2.1dev (2012-12-11)

  • m_requested_subprotocols wasn't getting properly populated. Thank you robagar and jeffjcrowe. #155
  • Properly closes the acceptor when the server stops listening. Thank you mangodan2003. #161
  • Removes an unnecessary check that an unsigned value was positive that was causing a warning on clang 3.2. Thank you bschindler. #163


  • First build with web change log