April 2013 WebSocket++ Update

New features to the 0.3.x (experimental) branch in April:

  • Subprotocol Negotiation
  • Hixie 76 / Hybi 00 support
  • Outgoing explicit proxy support for WS and WSS connections
  • Proxy authentication: Basic auth scheme
  • Ability to log to an arbitrary stream (including files)
  • Improves detail, consistency, and performance of error and access logging
  • Several new examples (telemetry client, print_server, testee_server, iostream_server)
  • First pass on performance improvements
  • Many adjustments to improve support for Visual Studio
  • Library builds and passes tests on 32 bit and PowerPC architectures.

Roadmap for May:

The last blocking feature for the 0.3.0 release is the implementation of timeouts for several network related events. Most other work will be related to testing and fixing bugs in preparation for an official 0.3.0 beta release around the end of the month.

Notice for users of the 0.2.x version.

If your software or build system is relying on the 0.2.x version being the master branch on GitHub you will need to make some changes in the near future. I would encourage you to update your code to the 0.3.x interfaces. If this is not possible, there is now a 0.2.x branch in Git that will hold 0.2.x code indefinitely.

New Forum/Mailing lists

WebSocket++ Forum / Discussion

This is an open discussion/support forum for usage questions, support requests, feature requests, and other more detailed development related discussion that isn't appropriate for a GitHub issue. In general, if the answer/discussion topic will be useful to other people after the issue is resolved it should go on this list rather than a GitHub issue.

WebSocket++ Announcements Mailing List

This is a low volume moderated mailing list that will include these monthly development updates as well as notifications of new official library releases.

Get Involved

  • Build things with WebSocket++ and report any issues you find.
  • If you are using version 0.2.x of the library, consider upgrading to the 0.3.x and reporting any issues you find.
  • Try building WebSocket++ on new architectures, operating systems, compilers, build systems and report results.
  • Interoperability testing: Test using WebSocket++ with other WebSocket implementations (and especially) other explicit proxy servers.
  • Look at issues on GitHub tagged "Needs Testing" to see if there are any that are relevant to your project that you could test.

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