March 2013 WebSocket++ Update

As of tonight, the WebSocket++ 0.3.x (experimental) branch has been updated with a number of new features that bring it pretty close to parity with 0.2.x. The last major missing feature, the client role, has been completed. 0.3.x now has a client role available by including <websocketpp/client.hpp> and three new default configs, core_client, asio_client, and asio_no_tls_client. These mirror the respectively named server configs. The client role will function both networkless via the iostream transport or via TCP/IP using the Boost ASIO based transport. The 0.3.x client passes all autobahn test suite tests strictly. An example client is available in the examples folder.

Other recent notable changes:

  • All examples and unit tests compile and run on 32 bit intel processors (i686)
  • RNG support
  • Override-able connection base class
  • Numerous new examples and manual pages

The readmes for both major branches have been updated with more detailed information about the status of each branch. These will continue to be updated. Remaining features before 0.3.x will be ready to replace version 0.2.x:

  • Subprotocol Negotiation
  • Hybi00/Hixie76 protocol support
  • PowerPC/ARM bug fixes
  • Performance tuning, particularly in the area of message buffer pools

Unless you need these features specifically, 0.3.x is the recommended version.

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